Not sure about editing Wikispaces? This page is for you. It is also a calling for everyone to start sharing their knowledge and experiences using a wikispace. The videos below start with 'the basics', but progress from there. Take a look at the videos and maybe you too can start collaborating!

Any questions? Post them on the Discussion tab and the answer will come!

Alternatively email the EdTech team:

Not sure about what form your online presence should take? Here's a quick comparison of some options being used at KIS.

1 Create a Page and Tag Cloud explained

2 Setting Wiki Permissions

3 Add content and edit text

4 Add Images to a Page

for an advanced option, see Adding a Flickr Gallery

5 Use a widget to add YouTube clips

6 Use a widget to Add Table of Contents

7 Add New Page to Navigation Bar

8 Add a PDF file or document

9 Create, edit and embed a Google Map