Prezi: Get Prezified! - Workshop Planning (Learn By Creation)
Ideal for Groups and Collaboration

Time: 30mins

The session is designed and time divided between discussing and examining examples of how and why a Prezi might be created for use in a classroom.


Participants view a demonstration of the scope that prezi offers, and learn how to create a basic Prezi using Templates in Prezi.

Why use Prezi?:

Prezi does not constitute ‘the’ presentation. It is a visual aide and cue for a presentation to a group of people.

Options for Accounts:

Create a Free Account - STUDENT/TEACHER Licences - EduEnjoy (500MB)
  • If use your KIS email account you get an Educator’s Account which gives 500MB limit

  • these options become worthy of consideration if you are considering using a video in your Prezi.

Beowulf (12th grade)
The Odyssey (9th grade)
King Geunchogo (7th grade)
Biomes (5th grade)

PART TWO: The Workshop


This workshop could explain how to make a Prezi, according to the following 9 elements:

1. Navigate the canvas: discuss organisation, grouping, zooming in/out
2. Get to know the zebra[[image:i/c.gif width="23" height="21"]]
3. Start from a template
4. Customize colors and fonts
5. Anchor yourself on the canvas
6. Insert a Drawing
7. Draw Shapes
8. Add URLs to your prezi, including YouTube clips
9. Create a path: Thumbnails

Handouts: The following document is a Quick Reference for using Prezi. Includes keyboard shortcuts and summarizes what file formats are permitted by Prezi for uploading and inclusion in your presentation.