Sharing Your Photos


When finished with this session, teachers will be able to...
... Create a photo stream on from either Flickr or Instagram.
... Embed that photo stream on Wikispaces or Blogger.
... Share an Instagram feed on Wikispaces or Blogger with hash tags.

Embedding and Creating a Photo Feed
Once you have all these great new photos, you are going to want to share them with students, parents, and colleagues. But how? You can make a simple photo stream of your photos from Flickr or Instagram on a Wikispace or Blogger. After you create a Flickr account, you can follow the steps below. When you are using Instagram, you can post to a Flickr account. This in turn allows you to post a photo stream to your Wikispace or Blogger.


Flickr embed 1.jpg
Flickr embed 2.jpg
Flickr embed 3.jpg


Snapwidget - Create your Instagram photo widget.


Google Picasa

Embed only works for Public Albums. Upload from Google Search App, or the iPhone App PhotoPodThe Photopod app allows uploading to