The Secret Forms of Google-Fu

Use Google Forms to instruct teachers in the use of Forms for gathering data and feedback to drive instruction and action research.

Teachers will be able to...
  • create a Form and share it with a target audience.
  • collect, analyze and share data from the Spreadsheet.
  • explain the difference between the Share Settings for a Form and a Spreadsheet.
  • apply the use of Forms to gather information from students, colleagues, other audiences to drive instruction and action research.


Learning Activities:

  1. Log in to your school Gmail account.
  2. Fill out survey on the Fish Bowl session page.
  3. I will share the Spreadsheet with you.
  4. Now, create a simple Form to gather some information from your students.
  5. Click on the Documents link across the top of the page.
  6. Click on the Create Button and choose Form from the drop down menu.
  7. Explore the different question options available.
  8. Go to Share and Email the Form to your students.
  9. Now go back to your Google Home and click on the Form you just created.
  10. You will see a Spreadsheet with the questions as columns.
  11. Go to the Share Settings for the Spreadsheet. Notice that sharing the Form is separate from sharing the Spreadsheet. You can choose exactly your target audience for the survey with the Form and then share the data on the Spreadsheet with a completely different audience.
  12. Discussion, brainstorming/planning, creating Forms in classes. Show example forms.

Example Forms:
EdTech Sample 1 Responses
EdTech Quiz Responses
Fake Observation Responses
David Lee's ES Tech Integration Form
Phoenix Student Film Festival