Evernote: Before, During and After Lessons

Rational for Session; the Big Idea; Why would learn this?

Evernote is simply a place to gather and organize notes. So, why would you want to learn about it? Well, you can make your life much simpler and more elegant by using it. Your notes from conferences, PD sessions, lesson plans, travel documents, etc., can all be compiled in one location. No more hunting through folders or Google home -- just open Evernote. Viola! Zen note heaven. With apps you can access your notes on your mobile device; or, if you don't have a mobile device, you can log in to your online account from any computer. Do you have a student with "organizational issues?" He/she can keep everything in Evernote and not misplace all his/her materials. One of the senior Tech Gurus uses Evernote and she recommends it to all her friends.

How do Educators Use Evernote in Education?

  • Create Notebooks (like a real notebook) and create notes inside each of them
  • Develop or Save classroom Templates such as asessment rubrics
  • Keep all your notes and ideas
  • Lesson Planning
  • Lesson or Unit planning: annotated resources including web links, pdfs, pictures etc
  • Record details of Meetings (audio record and/or take notes, attach documents distributed) and Share (email)
  • Share a Notebook with other teachers, assistants or subs so everyone can access from their own device
  • Create a Public Notebook that you can share (via the URL) with your students and their parents to showcase a Unit of work or projects
  • Record student work in progress (audio note, annotations, snapshots or uploaded photos) that can be used in Conferences (create a Student Notebook, and note for each of your student at the start of the Semester or Year).
  • Grading: keep scanned copies of graded work for reference
  • Post Notes to Twitter or Facebook
  • Email Notes

Glossary of Terms:

Note : A single item stored in Evernote.
Notebook : A container for notes.
Sync : The process by which your Evernote notes are kept up to date across all of your computers, phones, devices and the Web.
Account : A username and password that allows Evernote to identify your notes and make them available to you anywhere.

Install Process

Step 1: Update your existing copy

Click Evernote > Check for Updates

Step 2: Download Evernote from the App Store

You will need to know your Apple ID & password.


Step 3: Create an Account


Step 4: Create a Notebook

In Evernote you can create Notebooks. Think of these like a traditional Notebook that you and students might otherwise keep for each course or subject they study. Go to File > New Notebook > name


Step 5: Create a New Note

Inside each notebook, individual 'notes' can be created.


Step 6: Basic editing


Step 7: Adding an Image

There are a few ways to add images to an Evernote. By far the easiest is the DRAG AND DROP Method.

Simply drag and drop an image directly from your Folder, or from a web site directly into the body of your Note. That's it! You're done. An advantage of using a Mac is that you can also drag and drop directly onto the Evernote icon on your Dock.

chrome_icon.jpgEvernote for Chrome

Are you a dedicated Chrome user and have embraced the Chrome Web Store's offerings, then you may even with to consider using the variety of Apps developed by the team. These additions to Chrome can make moving from the internet to Evernote even faster and easier. Find resources, articles, images etc during your browsings that you want to keep? These tools could be for you!


After Adding in the Add-ons, you get some convenient tools at your fingertips while on the 'net:


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